Marketing Ideas

Do you want to market your business, but aren’t sure of your options? Here at Matrix we have a lot of choices, and have put together a list to help you choose what is best for you.

• Bags/Totes

• Balloons

• Banners

• Bracelets

• Brochures

• Bubbles

• Business Cards

• Candles

• Flags

• Flashlights

• Flyers

• Hand Sanitizer

• Hats

• Headphones

• Keychains

• Lanyards

• Light Up Novelties

• Lip Balm

• Mints

• Mouse Pads

• Mugs/Tumblers

• Pens

…And More!

• Postcards

• Shirts/Sweatshirts

• Signs (Coroplast Yard Signs)

• Stress Balls (Other Shapes Available)

• Sunglasses

• Tablecloths

• Vehicle Magnets

• Vinyls

• Perfs

• Water Bottles

• Website/Web Store

Marketing your business is very important, as it gets your business well known and builds a reputation and client base. A great way to continuously grow your business is to market often. Different products or methods might work better for you than others. When a consumer thinks about going to a store, ordering products (or food) online or going out to eat, you want them to think of your business first. Building a good reputation or client base for your business doesn’t rely solely on marketing, but it’s a good start to get your name out in front of potential customers. Once you establish your business with consumers and provide great customer service, they will be more likely to call, visit or refer your business to others.

Contact us for more information on promotional products and marketing ideas. We will help innovate your ideas, and generate our own ideas specifically for marketing your business!